Proa Nova - Site Landmark Competition - ArkxSite

Team: Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou, Dimitra Chryssovergi, Michalis Takopoulos

In the breathtaking site of Sagres Promontory, Proa Nova offers a unique experience, aspiring to bridge the past, the present and the future. Located at the peak of Cape, the ultimate cantilever, gestures towards the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Proa Nova portrays the ambition of every expedition, leading the explorers beyond the edge. While descending into the solid rock, the visitor comes closer to the steepness of the cliff. Yet isolated, he finds space to contemplate and finally appraise his life journey. A transcendental, open-air sanctum, where Earth, Sea and Wind connect into one. The visitor confronts the framed waterscape and exceeding the concrete sidewalls, gradually steps into the infinite reflections of the surroundings, laid on a thin layer of water under his feet. In the location where once was considered to be the end of the world, Proa Nova signifies new horizons and challenges through a different perspective.